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WAKE's mission is to amplify the work of women leading change globallyWe do this by connecting them to new networks, tools, training and resources.

Our Goals

  • Engage women across sectors to contribute their skills and expertise to help advance women’s rights globally;

  • Connect women’s rights leaders with tools, trainings, resources and advisors to help them expand and scale their work;

  • Increase the capacity of women’s rights leaders and their organizations to affect change;

  • Form new networks and partnerships to amplify an agenda for women's and girls' rights;

  • Establish sustainable in-country learning hubs where teams share skills and tools with new audiences to create a sustainable multiplier effect, educating, linking and inspiring more women and girls.

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    Trish Tierney

    Co-founder + CEO

  •    Heather Ramsey Co-founder & COO 
  •    Beth KanterMaster Trainer, Author
  •    Amanda Schwartz Program Officer 
  •    Viktoriia Talashkevych Project Coordinator, Ukraine 

Advisory Board

  •    Shradha Balakrishnan Product Manager, GoDaddy  
  •    Elizabeth Brooks Operations Director, Vote Solar
  •    Beth Kanter Master Trainer, Author, Influencer
  •    Rami Al-KarmiGeek, Investor, CEO
  •    Hannah Lewbel CTO & Founder 
  •    Susan Nesbitt Head of Business Development at Make School 
  •    Larissa Shapiro Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Mozilla 
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