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March 5, 2020 in San Francisco

Advisor sign up deadline: Friday, February 14

Are you ready to take action for women's rights and social justice in 2020?

Brave, bold activists work everyday on the frontlines of communities across the U.S. tackling critical issues that are shaping the present and future of our rights. As the United States gears up for an election that will shape the fate of our democracy for generations to come, Tech2Empower USA aims to harness the power of tech to equip these frontline groups with the tools they need to strengthen and advance the rights of underrepresented communities.

WAKE invites you to join us as a volunteer Advisor for Tech2Empower USA 2020 and to participate in our Impact Challenge for Social Justice on March 5, 2020 in San Francisco. Tech2Empower USA connects social justice and women's rights leaders from nonprofits across the United States with dedicated, skilled Advisors from top companies.

Together, these two powerful groups will collaborate on projects that will advance the important work of the nonprofits, create new alliances, and amplify the voices and reach of social justice leaders. 


Why become a Tech2Empower USA advisor?

Advisors  gain a deeper understanding of critical social justice issues, while contributing their skills to support activists and their organizations. We seek volunteer Advisors with diverse backgrounds and expertise, including on topics such as: digital strategy and communications, marketing and branding, organizational planning and strategy, online productivity and collaboration, presentation and "pitching." 

By volunteering with Tech2Empower USA, you will meet and support inspiring leaders from diverse regions of the U.S., and also connect and collaborate with 75+ peers with a shared passion for activism. Your contributions to this effort will have a tremendous, positive impact on these organizations and you will have fun too!

Advisor commitment:

  • Create an Advisor Team of 3-5 friends/colleagues (male allies very welcome!) from your company or a mix of companies to volunteer together in March. Or register as an individual and we will match you with an Advisor Team  for the Impact Challenge.

  • Join us for a kickoff event on the evening of Wednesday, March 4th (6:00pm-8:00pm). This will be an opportunity to learn about the inspiring work of all the participating nonprofit organizations and meet the other volunteer Advisors from tech companies. It will be a fun, inspiring community event.

  • Participate on Thursday, March 5th (9:00am-5:30pm). You will spend the day with your team of fellow Advisors and the nonprofit with which you are matched, tackling the project they identified as critical to their work. It’s highly collaborative, creative and leads to long-lasting impact.

  • We ask each Advisor to commit to raise/donate a minimum of $500 each (or $2,500 as a team) and to request matching funds, if eligible, to double the impact. These funds allow us to bring together and support in a very meaningful, hands on way the nonprofit leaders fighting for rights and justice across the U.S. We are happy to provide guidance and resources for Advisors that choose to launch fundraising campaigns.

If you are ready to get involved, the next step is to complete this registration form. We will be accepting Advisor teams and individuals on a first come/ first serve basis until February 14, 2020. 

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Tech2Empower Advisors devote their expertise, time and resources to help move the needle for women’s rights and social justice across the USA and globally.

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