What is Tech2Empower?
Tech2Empower is a capacity-building program for NGO leaders and their organizations that are working to advance the rights of women and girls. We provide in-person and virtual training on technology and communication tools, plus mentoring and support. Our goal is to help organizations use tech to accelerate their work on critical issues including gender-based violence, human trafficking, access to education, political participation, healthcare and economic opportunity.

What training topics does Tech2Empower offer?

Sample T2E Training Topics 

Website Strategy & Design
Crowdfunding and Online Fundraising
Social Media
Mobile Apps Brainstorming & Strategy
Presentations: Tools & Delivery
Videos, Podcasts & Blogging
Webinars & E-learning
Database & CRM
Online Marketing & Communications
Online Safety, Privacy and Security
Visual Data Mapping
Survey Tools
Productivity Tools
Online Collaboration and Managment

(final workshop design will depend on needs of local participants and the skills and expertise of our volunteer Advisor team)

How can I bring Tech2Empower to my community?
We are not able to accommodate all requests for T2E workshops. However, we continue to expand our work, and look forward to hearing from you if you think T2E is a good fit for you and your network. We seek partners who can contribute to local workshop costs. 

If you are interested in receiving T2E updates or want to explore partnership, please complete the form below.

And, please help us learn more about your tech and communications needs and priorities by completing the very brief Needs Assessment below. 

It is available in the following languages:

English   français   español   português   العربية   русский

The goal of this survey is to assess the technology training needs of women’s rights leaders and their organizations worldwide. Your responses will help WAKE secure resources to provide relevant workshops and capacity building to support efforts to advance women's and girls rights globally. Please share this survey with individual leaders and with other women’s rights organizations and networks. Thank you!

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