Become a Tech2Empower volunteer Advisor
Volunteer with WAKE. Travel to a focus country to share your skills with women’s rights leaders and their organizations during a Tech2Empower (T2E) workshop. Or, provide virtual training and support facilitated by WAKE and its online training platform.

Why Become a volunteer Advisor?
T2E Advisors develop leadership skills, cross-cultural understanding and adaptability. They also increase their understanding of critical issues facing women and girls, including human trafficking and gender-based violence. These new perspectives influence the way women contribute in their industries, informing new product design, shape technologies and business decisions.

What Do Advisors Do?
Through T2E, Advisors volunteer to contribute their skills and expertise to provide training and expert mentoring on technology and communication tools to help amplify work to advance women's and girls' right globally. 

Meet Our Advisors
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"All my experiences during this trip have taught me to never take any of my opportunities or advantages for granted, and try to help other women and girls in countries who haven't got it as easy. T2E has opened my eyes to this..." 

- Maryam, Project Manager, Google