Tech2Empower DC: Expanding the Next Generation of Women in Politics, October 24-25, 2019

Fellowship Host: Running Start

Running Start is working to change the face of politics by encouraging young women in high school and college to run for political office and train them with the skills they need to win, whether they’re running for student council or Congress. They break down the barriers that hold women back from getting involved in politics through their Elect Her training workshop, offer access and fellowships with current US Congresswomen, and promote mentorships to build the next generation of women leaders.

More than 56% of Congresswomen serving in the U.S. got their start in student government. With that in mind, a decade ago Running Start launched Elect Her, the only program in the country that encourages and trains high school and college women to run for student government and future political office. Since 2009, Running Start has conducted over 300 trainings at 118 schools in 40 states for 9,500+ college students.

For Tech2Empower DC, Advisors from six companies traveled to our nation’s capital to engage with and mentor groups of dynamic young women aspiring to become the future leaders of our democracy and provided hands-on support to Running Start as they seek to scale their Elect Her initiative to benefit a greater number of young women across the country.

During the two-day visit to Washington, DC from October 24-25, the WAKE team and Advisors:


Engaged other DC organizations working to build up the position and influence of women’s voices in politics. Advisors offered feedback on their toughest challenges and pain points, and learned how to get more involved in this important work.


Participated in an exchange of knowledge and experience on a women’s history tour of Capitol Hill led by Running Start’s Congressional Fellows, followed by one on one mentoring and a career roundtable hosted by the Advisors. 


Shared their accomplishments during Google’s #IAmRemarkable, a program designed to empower women and underrepresented communities to proudly celebrate their achievements, with college-aged young women. 

Meet our Tech2Empower DC Advisor Team

Tech2Empower volunteer Advisors devote their expertise, time and resources to help move the needle for women’s rights and social justice across the USA and globally. They possess a deep interest in learning from and with the partners and peers in the communities where we work, and to share skills and resources to bolster this important work.

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