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Through Tech2Empower, we've bolstered more than 550 gender and social justice leaders from 200 organizations across 10 countries and the United States with interactive technology and communications trainings, tools and advising. 

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Storytelling for Activism

Reasey Seng, Program Coordinator for Silaka’s Committee for the Promotion of Women in Politics, works with women activists throughout Cambodia, providing them with training and support to help them mobilize, and bringing their concerns to local and national-level policy makers. At the Tech2Empower workshop in Phnom Penh, Reasey was especially excited to hone her storytelling skills storytelling. She continues to use the tips and tools from Tech2Empower to lift up the voices of the survivors of gender-based violence with whom she works, taking their stories to policymakers and the larger community.

Reasey now trains other women activists on storytelling. Through a private Facebook group she established, Silaka gives guidance to women activists throughout Cambodia, like the women in Kampong Tom province who recently organized a petition to a local school principal. He had closed the girls’ bathroom because he was unhappy with the way the girls disposed of sanitary products. As a result, many girls stayed home without access to a bathroom.

Silaka-trained women activists in the school community successfully petitioned the principal to reopen the girls’ bathroom and organized a meeting for the girls to learn from local health experts how to properly dispose of sanitary products in shared bathrooms. After this, the girls returned to school.

Young Women Activivist lead 16days Campaign to End VAW 2015, Kampong Chhnang
16days Campaign to End VAW 2015, Kampong Chhnang

"The power of technology plays a crucial role in advancing women's and girls' rights. It brings us common voice and understanding no matter where we are, raising awareness, not only our own community, but the world, to take action."

- Seng, SILAKA, Cambodia

International Women Day 8th March 2014