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During Tech2Empower USA, we partnered with leading tech companies to immerse gender and social justice leaders from nonprofits across the United States in a week of training, conversation and innovation. 

Together, we learned tech solutions to strengthen the gender justice movement, and advance towards a safer and more equitable future. 

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Huge thanks to our generous 2018 partners! Tech2Empower USA 2018 workshops and events were hosted by Mozilla, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Symantec, Slack and Twitter

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To learn more, and to explore how you can join and support Tech2Empower USA, please contact: 

WAKE Co-founders, Trish Tierney + Heather Ramsey at: or (415) 231-5341/43

If you would like the WAKE team to contact you about how you can be a part of T2E USA, please submit the form below and we will be in touch. 

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