Our Tech2Empower initiative gets technology tools and training to women's rights and social justice leaders and their organizations to help accelerate and amplify their important work. 

Tech2Empower is a unique program specially design to leverage the power of technology in supporting women's rights and social justice leaders and organizations to advance their work and impact. We connect teams from social justice and women's rights organizations from across the USA and territories with teams of Advisors from top companies to coach and consult on impact project challenges. 


In March 2019, we’ll bring together women's rights and social justice activists from organizations across the United States for tech training, project work and community-building for three days in San Francisco. At the core of Tech2Empower USA is a project-based hackathon - Impact Challenge for Women's Rights and Social Justice - to be held on March 8th, International Women’s Day.  

During the Impact Challenge, teams of activists and tech volunteers will roll up their sleeves and undertake projects to advance initiatives focused on immigration, reproductive, and LGBTQIA rights, women's leadership, health and equity, racial justice, voter rights and to combat violence against women.


Who are the Tech2Empower advisors? 

Tech2Empower Advisors devote their expertise, time and resources to help move the needle for women’s rights and social justice in the United States and around the world. They volunteer as trainers and advisors to nonprofit leaders and their organizations. Our Advisors provide virtual and in person training through our Tech2Empower programs.  

Through Tech2Empower, Advisors from top tech companies mentor and coach activists and social justice leaders on the development of projects that aim to advance their important work on immigration rights, LGBTQIA rights, violence against women and girls, and racial and reproductive justice. 

Meet our Tech2Empower Advisors and learn how you can get involved. 

Learn about last year's Tech2Empower USA

In January 2018, WAKE's Tech2Empower USA brought together 45 gender and social justice leaders from across the country in San Francisco. Tech2Empower 2018 participants included leaders from nonprofit organizations working to fight Islamaphobia in Washington, DC, advocate for reproductive health and justice in Louisiana and Mississipi, offer legal services for victims of domestic violence in Minnesota, promote feminist art in Kentucky, provide sexual assault intervention and support groups for Latina immigrants in California, and more. Learn about what our 2018 participants have to say about the program: 

Tech2Empower USA 2018 workshops and events were hosted by Mozilla, Google, YouTube Impact Lab, LinkedIn, Symantec, Slack and Twitter. WAKE fundraises and secures sponsorship to make participation as affordable as possible for nonprofit teams. Huge thanks to our generous 2018 partners and hosts! 

Applications for Tech2Empower USA 2019 are now closed. If you are interested in participating, please reach us at connect@wakeinternational.org to inquire about the waitlist.