WAKE took Tech2Empower to Guatemala first in 2017 and provided training and support to nonprofits working for women and girls. In November 2019, WAKE led a team of volunteer Advisors from top tech companies to Guatemala to continue our work with local partners. Our focus areas in Guatemala include advancing girls’ education and the work of women social entrepreneurs. In November, Tech2Empower Advisors collaborated with teams of local women-led social enterprises and hosted a Tech2Empower Day for Girls with 60+ indigenous girls at the MAIA Impact School.


↪ Advisors lead Google’s #IAmRemarkable, a program designed to empower women and underrepresented communities to proudly celebrate their achievements, as well as created dream boards to visualize their future successes and accomplishments with the Girl Pioneers (students) of MAIA.


↪ Home visits with the students build meaningful connections and develop a deeper understanding of the local community and traditions. Together, families and Advisors preparee and share a meal, participate in activities, and connect over the shared value of the importance of girls' education.


↪ Learn about local history, visit landmarks and participate in cultural enrichment activities with local women-led organizations that invest in social programs to help their communities and work for the sustainability of valuable Mayan traditions.

Meet our program partner

In Guatemala, the average Mayan teenage girl has obtained just 3.5 years of education. Only 10% of indigenous girls in rural Guatemala enroll in secondary school, and fewer than 1% continue to university. MAIA Impact School is working to change that statistic with its holistic approach that combines rigorous academics with a culturally attuned, community-focused school environment, understanding that the girls require socio-emotional support to overcome centuries of exclusion and trauma.

Meet our 2019 Tech2Empower Guatemala Advisor Team

Tech2Empower volunteer Advisors devote their expertise, time and resources to help move the needle for women’s rights and social justice across the USA and globally. They possess a deep interest in learning from and with the partners and peers in the communities where we work, and to sharing skills and resources to bolster this important work. 

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Meet the 2019 Impact Challenge participants in Guatemala

We're proud to have worked with the following innovative women-led social enterprises and NGOs for the Impact Challenge in Guatemala 2019:


Help us amplify the voices and impact of women entrepreneurs and girls through Tech2Empower.

If you are interested in getting involved with WAKE, please reach us at connect@wakeinternational.org
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