Tech2Empower Guatemala, November 16-23, 2019 
Tech2Empower Guatemala focus areas are Advancing Girls' Education and Supporting Women Social Entrepreneurs. Follow along for more details all week via FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Tech2Empower Guatemala is a unique opportunity to learn about and contribute to girls’ education, and to support and advise women making a difference in their community as social entrepreneurs leaders, all while making new friends, building professional networks and having fun. 

As Tech2Empower Advisors, volunteers provide hands-on project support and customized trainings to women and girls in local communities. 

This is a unique volunteer opportunity for individuals working in tech, communications, finance and business to share their professional skills to amplify the work of women social entrepreneurs and to engage with the next generation of women leaders, by advancing girls' education and by hosting a tech fair for young women. 

In Tech2Empower Guatemala, Advisors have the opportunity to:

↪ Work in teams to coach and co-create (systems, strategies, plans, digital collateral) with local women social entrepreneurs.
↪ Mentor young women and girls in career, leadership and tech.
↪ Participate in site visits with local women's organizations.
↪ Build meaningful connections with like-minded women working locally and internationally.
↪ Learn about local history, visit landmarks and participate in cultural enrichment activities.
↪ Learn new technology, training, communications and leadership skills from trainings led by fellow Advisors. 

Meet our program partner:

WAKE works with local partner organizations to ensure to best experience and most impact throughout the program. In Guatemala, our amazing local partner is the MAIA Impact School,  the first female, indigenous-led secondary school in Central America that offers a holistic education focused equally on academics, culture and identity, socioemotional development, and family engagement.   

More about Tech2Empower Guatemala Focus Areas:

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Meet our Tech2Empower Guatemala Advisor Team

Tech2Empower volunteer Advisors devote their expertise, time and resources to help move the needle for women’s rights and social justice across the USA and globally. They possess a deep interest in learning from and with the partners and peers in the communities where we work, and to sharing skills and resources to bolster this important work. 

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Help us amplify the voices and impact of women entrepreneurs and girls through Tech2Empower.

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