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Join us in October 2018 for Tech2Empower Peru!

Women around the world are leading the fight every day for rights and equality, for themselves and the next generation, and for their communities. They are working on key issues like girls' education, ending violence against women and child marriage, for reproductive justice and access to healthcare, economic opportunity, political and civic participation, and for indigenous rights. 

We hope you'll apply to join WAKE on this unique Tech2Empower volunteer trip in October 2018 in Perú where we will learn about girls' education and women's rights directly from the leaders fighting on the front lines for equality and social justice in their communities.

Our group will visit the capital city of Lima, and travel to Cuzco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire and World Heritage Site. We'll learn about Peru's history and modern day culture and society, with a special focus on women and girls. 

During visits throughout the trip, our team of volunteer Tech2Empower Advisors will provide technology and communications training and support to local organizations working on critical gender justice issues. At local schools, we'll provide coaching and mentoring to young women and girls, while also learning about their challenges, dreams and aspirations.

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