Girls' education & women's entrepreneurship

Tech2Empower Peru is a unique opportunity to learn about and contribute to girls' education, and to engage with and advise local women entrepreneurs, all while making new friends, building professional networks and having fun!

Women are leading the fight every day for rights and equality, for themselves, the next generation, and for their communities. They are working to advance girls' education and end child marriage and violence against women. They are fighting for equal access to healthcare, political participation and economic opportunity. They are starting new businesses, supporting their families and creating jobs.

Our group of volunteer Advisors will stay in Cusco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire and World Heritage Site where we'll learn about Peru's history and modern day culture and society, all with a feminist lens.

We'll meet local women entrepreneurs, from artisans to small business owners and tech startup founders, and form teams to coach and co-create solutions to build and grow their businesses. 

At Chicuchas Wasi, a local school for indigenous girls, we'll provide tech training for teachers, and share STEM activities with the students. During our Tech and Career Fair, co-hosted by GAL, we engage in coaching and mentoring with young women and girls, while also learning about their challenges, dreams and aspirations. Meet our amazing team of volunteer Advisors below!

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