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Voices from Tech2Empower USA

In January 2018, WAKE's Tech2Empower brought together 45 gender and social justice leaders from across the country in San Francisco. Tech2Empower participants are leaders at nonprofit organizations that work to fight Islamaphobia in Washington, DC, advocate for reproductive health and justice in Louisiana and Mississippi, offer legal services for victims of domestic violence in Minnesota, promote feminist art in Kentucky, provide sexual assault intervention and support groups for Latina immigrants in California, and more.

Technology is key to advancing, uniting and strengthening the gender and social justice movements. We created Tech2Empower USA to address this need and to amplify this critical work. During Tech2Empower USA these inspiring nonprofit leaders attended workshops at leading tech companies. 

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Huge thanks to our generous partners! Tech2Empower USA workshops and events are hosted by leading technology companies including Mozilla, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Symantec, Slack and Twitter.

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