Tech2Empower harnesses the power of technology, volunteering and collaboration to help move the needle for equality and social justice. 

Women have been on the frontlines of nearly every major political and social movement in American history. Women organized and led groups that fought for abolition, demanded women’s suffrage, protested for worker safety, and marched for civil rights. Today, women continue their work as movement leaders - mothers leading the charge for gun control, young women taking to the street, reproductive justice, activists pushing policy changes in the criminal justice system and speaking out for marginalized and vulnerable communities across the country. 

Through Tech2Empower, we connect nonprofits to experts and allies from leading tech, communications, and finance companies for workshops, hands-on training and customized project work. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow women-powered nonprofit organizations, equipping them with the tech tools they need to amplify their messages and meet their goals for social impact.

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"Tech2Empower allows social impact organizations to be our own heroes when it comes to navigating the digital landscape and meeting our mission. These [three] days were a model of radical capacity building and collaboration that should happen more often.”

- Delia Coleman, Deputy Director, Equal Rights Advocates.

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"This program filled so many gaps for us! We are able to connect with a wider audience and have greater impact in ways we never would have had if we never had this experience.The Advisors were so genuine and taught us so much and at the same time listened to what we needed and wanted."

- Nia Weeks, Founder and Executive Director, Citizen SHE United. 

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"Tech2Empower gave me the opportunity that I was looking for to drive action in support of women's rights issues in a powerful and meaningful way." 

— Ashley Becke, eCommerce Sales Head, KraftHeinz. 

⫸ Our Impact in 2019

It was wonderful to see the room filled with energetic and talented leaders from women's rights organizations, plus skilled tech, communications and finance professionals excited to work together to leverage the power of technology to advance social justice. Check out our major take aways and some of the project highlights:⫸ Check out some project highlights here.

In March 2019, WAKE brought together a diverse cohort of 41 women's rights and social justice leaders from 19 organizations from 11 states across the country. These leaders and activists came together for tech training, project work and community-building for three days in San Francisco. At the core of Tech2Empower USA was a project-based hackathon - the Impact Challenge for Women's Rights and Social Justice - held on International Women’s Day. 

Check out some project highlights here.  

During the Impact Challenge, teams accomplish remarkable results during a single day of collaboration. The teams tackled challenges like growing digital marketing strategies, harnessing technology for more impactful storytelling, customizing computerized databases and operational systems, and rebranding websites and pitch decks for fundraising. 

Meet the Tech2Empower USA 2019 cohort:

We foster allies, not just contacts. We believe nonprofits know what their communities truly need, and that they're leading the way toward positive change. We also believe that the tech industry has talent, tools and resources to help nonprofits  amplify progress. Their collaboration sparked new understandings, alliances and opportunities to create meaningful change. Meet our 2019 amazing cohort of nonprofits:

⫸ Follow-up support through Impact Fellowships:

We invite nonprofits that participated in Tech2Empower USA to apply for an Impact Fellowship. Those selected receive follow-up virtual coaching on a project of their choosing. We also bring a team of Advisors to the nonprofit’s home community for 2-3 days of additional, in-person coaching and collaboration. In 2019, we awarded two Fellowships focused on strengthening women’s voice and influence in politics. We’re proud to work with CitizenShe in New Orleans, Louisiana and Running Start in Washington, DC. Learn more:

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Tech2Empower harnesses the power of technology, volunteering and collaboration to help move the needle for equality and social justice globally. 

Application for Tech2Empower USA 2020 open soon. If you are interested in getting involved with WAKE, please reach us at